Planning Ahead the Independent Way

At Fraserburgh Funeral Services we work with Golden Charter to provide Funeral Plans which are tailored to your needs.

What is a funeral plan and how do funeral plans work?

A funeral plan lets you pre-pay the cost of your Funeral Director’s services. You can choose the funeral you want  and fix the cost of the services included in your plan at today’s prices.  

A plan can save your family worry and expense, and help make things easier for your loved ones at a difficult time.

You can tell us about any preferences you have in mind - the type of funeral you would like to have, hymns, music or any other personal touches - and we'll make sure your plan takes these into account.

What funeral costs do I need to cover?

Funeral director services

These costs are guaranteed to be covered by your Indpendent Way Funeral Plan. They typically include:

  • Proffesional services and making arrangements for cremation or burial
  • Conveyance of the deceased from place of death to the funeral director's premises, chapel of rest or other suitable location.
  • Care of the deceased and preparations for family viewing if requested
  • Advice on the certification and registration of death and related documentation
  • Provision of a hearse and other funeral vehicles
  • Advice on bereavement counselling
Third party costs

These costs are outwith the control of the funeral director, but will be paid by us to third parties at the time of the funeral. They may include:

  • Crematorium fee
  • Clergy or officiant's fee
  • Purchase of grave or lair
  • Cemetary fee: the opening of a new or existing grave for burial or internment of cremated remains
  • Hire of Church or other venue
  • Fees of organist or soloist
  • Memorial, such as headstone, entry in a book of remembrance, or planting of a tree
  • Catering, floral tributes and newspaper announcements

Plan administration fee

Golden Charter will apply a one-off fee to the price of your plan to cover the administration involved in setting up the plan, preparing the funeral arrangements and appointing your funeral director. 

For more information or to arrange a Funeral Plan with us, please get in touch. 

 Tel: 01346 514461